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A Wild West Strategy Boardgame

LocoMotives™ is quick to setup and even quicker to learn.  

You play the role of a Railbaron in the Wild West.

You must build establishments to earn money, lay track heading north, and be the first to reach the remote settlements.

Of course, there are many perils in the west…

Bandits who will try to rob you or blow up your tunnels or trestles.  

Sheriffs and Marshals who can defend you from the outlaws.

Surveyor errors which show up out of nowhere forcing you to lay track around, build tunnels through, or trestles across.

And Train Derailments slowing your progress.

Free For Your PC, Mac, iOS, Android or webGL!

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Beautifully Illustrated

Each deck has unique, beautifully illustrated Sheriffs, Marshals and Bandits.

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